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Welcome to the Tycoon NFTs.

Total Supply: 8,000 Unique EXO Tycoon NFTs (ERC721)

Base Characters inspiration: Elon Musk, CZ, SBF, Mark Cuban, Jack Dorsey

1,600 NFTs of different categories for each Base Character

Categories of NFTs (Quantity)

  • Billionaires (50)
  • Whales (1250)
  • Magnates (6700)

EXO Tycoon NFT holders can

  • Obtain NFT of a specific rarity and character
  • Use the NFT to stake, battle and earn rewards, through our play-to-earn concept
  • Buy and sell the NFT in open marketplaces

Cost of Exo Tycoon - Free

Max 10 Exo Tycoon per user.

Before public sale, all tEXO holders on Polygon and BSC will have early access to purchase Exo Tycoon before the public sale.There will be 100 Exo Tycoons reserved for airdrop to winning tEXO community members (tEXO holders in both wallets and LPs are eligible).Airdrop campaign details will be released on a social announcement in the upcoming days.

After the public sale, Exo Tycoon will be traded on Opensea.

Reason for deploying NFTs on Ethereum mainnet

We understand that our existing products are on BSC and Polygon.The team considered all factors and potential of NFTs before deciding to deploy on Ethereum mainnet.

With more layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum in place, we will be shifting to the mainnet for the main infrastructure for future products.The main reason for ExoniumDEX token distribution stage on BSC and Polygon is due to the low cost and higher efficiency for all community members without having to spend high fees to interact with dAPPs.During tEXO seed phase, Arbitrum was not ready for our mainnet launch.Therefore, we proceeded with BSC and Polygon.With new development upcoming, as well as healthy growth on Ethereum mainnet, we will be starting to move infrastructure back on Ethereum mainnet.All BSC and Polygon will be given instructions to migrate their existing tokens in near future.Just a reminder that regardless of which chain you are on, at the end of the day, the team will allow all of you to be onboard the same ecosystem.

On the other hand, NFTs on Ethereum mainnet is the biggest performer within the EVM ecosystem and there is a huge community for us to tap on.Deploying on Ethereum mainnet also allow us to leverage on major NFT marketplace such as Opensea to allow trading activities to happen.



billionaires 0.625%


whales 15.625%


magnates 83.75%

Roadmap 1.0

10% Airdrops to whitelisted tEXO wallet holders (50 Exo Tycoon)

20% Public Sale (900 Exo Tycoon, tEXO holders will have early access)

40% Staking for all Exo Tycoon Holders

60% Next Gen Exo Tycoon Launch. Genesis holders will have early access

80% Exo Tycoon Merch with partners

100% Beta Play-to-Earn Game Launch

After Roadmap 1.0 is complete by 2022 Q1, we will release Roadmap 2.0

For more information about Exo Tycoon, click HERE.

For more information about Exonium DEX and tEXO, click HERE.